Vanna Hill Resort Photos Gallery (April 2016)


Kep Town in April 2016 + video

Vanna Hill Resort Wifi Map 2016-04-03

Vanna Hill Wifi Network Coverage

Some people still thinking about “Cambodia not have good Internet”. So, take a look in this picture. We have Internet. And we have a biggest Wifi […]

Vanna Hill Resort from Sky


New Year 2017 in Cambodia, Kep town


The biggest pool in the Vanna Hill Resort!

Yes, we have a biggest pool with three section. 2 sections for kids. Take a look in this pictures: TOTALLY FREE for our residents! (for outside […]

Deluxe Room #121 (pictures from mobile phone)

Hello everybody! This is pictures from Room #121 – Deluxe Room with Balcony and Panoramic Seaview. And with Poolview too! Double in one! Real photo. No […]
ONLINE feedback from Vanna Hill Resort and about Vanna Hill Resort

Real-time Feedbacks

So, we have now nice ONLINE feedback from Vanna Hill Resort and about Vanna Hill Resort 🙂 There is:

Woman’s Day. Staff Vanna Hill Resort

A little celebration of Woman’s Day in Vanna Hill Resort. Sure, this is a little celebration, no fireworks and no 100 people invited. We will do […]
Cooking Show in Vanna Hill Resort with SeaTV

Cooking Show – Khmer Food in Vanna Hill Resort (with SEATV)

Look at that! This is Cooking Khmer TV show! You like it? Like this post too and come to us in our Restaurant! 🙂 PS. You […]
Seaview Vanna Hill Resort

Seaview from Vanna Hill Resort

Two Seaview pictures (high resolution) from Standard and Deluxe Bungalows. Take a look: Small flying dots – this is dragonfly. 🙂
Vanna Hill Resort from Sky

Vanna Hill Resort from Sky

Wow! Look at that! This is our swimming pool in Vanna Hill Resort! 🙂 Taken by SkyTV from quadrocopter!